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I was really happy shopping with Haute look until I realized that they are SCAM artists. I was purchasing some jewelry from H2 Hammerman and it was listed on their site as 56% off.

So just by chance I decided to check out the prices elsewhere, well GUESS what, the prices on Hautelook were inflated by 20% to 30% over even SAKS FIFTH AVENUE (regular not discount)..so instead of getting 50% off actually you are getting 20%.

They are INFLATING the price over what it is normally sold retail so that you think you are getting a bigger discount!!!! CHECK IT OUT people. THIS IS AN ILLEGAL PRACTICE. I caught them on this and let them know and they were extremely rude to me after I have spend thousands of dollars on their website

Monetary Loss: $400.

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If u download the HauteLook app then u dont have to register b4 looking at their merch....when u open the app it just goes to the home page and doesn't ask to log in or register


LMAO!What do you think retail stores do ***.

Inflating prices is not an illegal practice, google it. ANY retail store that have continuous coupons inflate ALL the prices. Walmart sells keurig for 80, but kohls 100 dollars, but if you have a 20% off... It's now 80.

That's the whole point..

Most stores inflate.It's not illegal and I have no idea where you came up with that lmao


I will buy most anything online to check it out, but jewelry, NEVER.


This does not surprise me because I just wanted to look into their site but they wont let you unless you join first.This is an unscrupulous practice as they are trying to force people to join before people have had a chance to see if there is anything on their site that they would want to buy - I mean why would I join if I don't like their merchandise?

Also, telling people they are getting 50% discount is a ploy if they are not listing the original price of the items.

I fully agree with this writer that the site seems to be a scam - good on you for looking further and for telling people about it.We all need to be on our guard.

Valdosta, Georgia, United States #741961

I am SO disappointed in Haute Look. I was so excited about ordering three Christmas gifts and just got three emails today that all three orders have been cancelled!!!! Go figure!


They up the price and order it at a cheaper price and thats why it takes so long to receive an order from them!! Seems like a good deal untill its to late and you realize the item is junk or cheaper somewhere else and little did you know was marked as not refundable. Lol booo hautelook 3 orders not happy with one.


They really do scam you.Your paying for old cheap products.

Look it up everything seems cheap and i bought the fall bag it looks like i went to the dollar store.

Only difference is they charged me $20 for 11 items.:(

to Anonymous #755197

I just received a Louis Vuitton purse after waiting a month.Turns out the bag is counterfeit, and I'm sending it back!

They said they don't know how it happened, but I don't believe it. If I hadn't caught it, by seeing a similar one on Ebay, I would've been ripped off! I'm just glad I'll get a refund for the entire purchase.

I'll never shop there again.They're bad news...


I absolutely LOVE haute look. They have outstanding Merchindise with great prices. Thats why Nordstrom partnered with them, They know a great thing when they see it.


i absolutely LOVE haute look.ive been buying for 2 years.

the clothes are amazing.no scam

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