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I was really happy shopping with Haute look until I realized that they are SCAM artists. I was purchasing some jewelry from H2 Hammerman and it was listed on their site as 56% off.

So just by chance I decided to check out the prices elsewhere, well GUESS what, the prices on Hautelook were inflated by 20% to 30% over even SAKS FIFTH AVENUE (regular not discount)..so instead of getting 50% off actually you are getting 20%.

They are INFLATING the price over what it is normally sold retail so that you think you are getting a bigger discount!!!! CHECK IT OUT people. THIS IS AN ILLEGAL PRACTICE. I caught them on this and let them know and they were extremely rude to me after I have spend thousands of dollars on their website

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Jun 25

LMAO! What do you think retail stores do ***. Inflating prices is not an illegal practice, google it. ANY retail store that have continuous coupons inflate ALL the prices. Walmart sells keurig for 80, but kohls 100 dollars, but if you have a 20% off... It's now 80. That's the whole point.. Most stores inflate. It's not illegal and I have no idea where you came up with that lmao

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Feb 22

I will buy most anything online to check it out, but jewelry, NEVER.

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Nov 23, 2013

This does not surprise me because I just wanted to look into their site but they wont let you unless you join first. This is an unscrupulous practice as they are trying to force people to join before people have had a chance to see if there is anything on their site that they would want to buy - I mean why would I join if I don't like their merchandise? Also, telling people they are getting 50% discount is a ploy if they are not listing the original price of the items. I fully agree with this writer that the site seems to be a scam - good on you for looking further and for telling people about it. We all need to be on our guard.

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Nov 13, 2013 Valdosta, Georgia

I am SO disappointed in Haute Look. I was so excited about ordering three Christmas gifts and just got three emails today that all three orders have been cancelled!!!! Go figure!

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Nov 13, 2013

They up the price and order it at a cheaper price and thats why it takes so long to receive an order from them!! Seems like a good deal untill its to late and you realize the item is junk or cheaper somewhere else and little did you know was marked as not refundable. Lol booo hautelook 3 orders not happy with one.

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Nov 13, 2013

They really do scam you. Your paying for old cheap products. Look it up everything seems cheap and i bought the fall bag it looks like i went to the dollar store. Only difference is they charged me $20 for 11 items. :(

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Dec 09, 2013

I just received a Louis Vuitton purse after waiting a month. Turns out the bag is counterfeit, and I'm sending it back! They said they don't know how it happened, but I don't believe it. If I hadn't caught it, by seeing a similar one on Ebay, I would've been ripped off! I'm just glad I'll get a refund for the entire purchase. I'll never shop there again. They're bad news...

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Oct 15, 2013

I absolutely LOVE haute look. They have outstanding Merchindise with great prices. Thats why Nordstrom partnered with them, They know a great thing when they see it.

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Oct 04, 2013

i absolutely LOVE haute look. ive been buying for 2 years. the clothes are amazing. no scam

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Reality Cheque

Aug 07, 2013 Chicago, Illinois

They ALL do that -- Gilt Definitely does all the time & others, like Fab -- and so do the big dept. stores (WAS: $X.XX. NOW ONLY: $X.XX) -- 1st of all, if you were happy w/ the merchandise at the price you paid, no one was scammed -- they can probably (maybe?) find one retailer that sells for that price or claim that it is mfr recommended sale price, which it could be (?) under some lame circumstance -- on GILT, I Always put a bigger-ticket item in my cart, then jet to Google to see what IRS selling for on Amazon, eBay or higher-fashion sites to get an idea - Not sure why you're so shocked - it's a common practice in retail - always has been, always will be -- it's up to you to better educated - they still have GREAT deals if you know how to shop well/smartly

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Jul 21, 2013

Yeah, they were good before Nordstrom bought them out. Now they just suck and scam customers. Their customer service also went from a 10 to a negative 10.

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Jun 18, 2013 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Total ***. I opened the mailing package to find a ripped bag that had obviously been opened and contained contained a shirt with a safety pinned tag claiming a brand that the item was not AND the shirt had obviously been worn- it stunk of cigarettes!

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Jun 16, 2013 Boston, Massachusetts

Saw Ad on TV and decided to check site out. Didn't like the fact that I had to register before I could even browse web site.....so I checked out reviews,glad l did. Thanks . I won't be shopping here, seems they care very little about customers. Will spend my money elsewhere . Thanks for the reviews.

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Jul 13, 2013 Rancho Cucamonga, California

They don't care about their customers. I returned an item, and they only refunded me half my money. When I tried to contact them, they kept putting me on hold saying that they are looking at my order and need just a moment. They said that for 50 minutes! I was on the phone for an hour and only talked to them for 2 minutes! I finally wrote a complaint, and am still waiting to hear back and get my money refunded. This is a Nordstrom's company, where did the customer service go?

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Jun 05, 2013 New York City, New York

I shop at Hautelook.com for many years! There are some great discounts and some are not. I have only one problem with their refund issues. All the time I need to call and chase for refund. This company does't like to give the money back so fast. One time it took me 5 weeks to get refund. Where in the world you can here that? Last week I was trying to call their customer services and there is only recording saying they will call you back.So far no one called. I try to chat online and it doesn't work either? Fun staff is going on with famous Hautelook. I send them e-mail last week and no sound from them.
I just do not understand what is going on with them after this company was bought by Nordstrom.
I want to share my shopping experience with others to make sure they avoid return hassle. If you think it may not fit you please do not buy, there are fees on return and unlimited wait time on refund.

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